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Good mood among the participants accompanied by the true spirit of sports competition are inseparable elements of Winter Olympics.

  1. Read the rules and regulations of Winter Olympics at – available from 01/12/2014
  2. Complete the application form obtainable from – active from 15/12/2014 (detailed information in the application form)
  3. In case of large number of competitors willing to join national teams, there will be organized eliminations. Such a possibility will be communicated to the interested competitors and the eliminations will be held on Friday 06/02/2015
  4. Come by car or, if necessary, book a flight to Krakow. The organizers will provide transport between: Krakow airport – hotel in Muszyna – Krakow airport.

The IFD FAKRO Winter Olympics is not just sporting excitement but also a variety of activities prepared specially for this occasion at the spa & wellness centre in the picturesque tourist town in the south of Poland – Muszyna.

We, on our part, provide great fun, professional service and unforgettable experience.

FAKRO event team


Regulations of the




    1. Championships Promoter 

      Main Promoter:
      FAKRO Sp. z o.o.
      144a Wegierska
      33-300 Nowy Sącz
      tel. 048 18 444 0 454
      fax 048 18 444 0 333

      Honorary Patronage:
      • International Federation for the Roofing Trade IFD


    2. Purpose of the Competition.

      The aim of the competition is to popularise skiing among international society of the roofers as well as integration of this environment.



    3. Place and Date of the Competition.

      The competition will take place on 6-7 February 2015 (Friday-Saturday) in Poland in Krynica-Zdroj and Muszyna. 
      The Organizer reserves the right to change the date or to call off the competition due to circumstances beyond his control. All participants regiestred will be informed about that fact via email.



    4. Conditions for Participation.

      In 5th IFD FAKRO WINTER OLYMPICS 2015 can participate roofers and accompanying persons. In order to participate in the competition, one shall send application to the Organizer and make payment no later than to 30.01.2015 as refereed in point 5 of Rules and Regulations. Championships will be held in three sport disciplines:
      • tobogganing – 06.02.2015 (toboggans are provided by the organizer)
      • downhill skiing – 07.02.2015, 10.00 a.m – 12.00  it is possible to rent equipment)
      • snowboard – 07.02.2015, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. (it is possible to rent equipment)
      One competitor may apply for participation in a variety of disciplines because they will be held on different dates. Participants can rent ski and snowboard equipment on condition of payment. For this purpose, particpiant shall mark this in the application form. If regiestration would not be done via form, Organizer shall be notified of intention to rent ski equipment no later than to 30.02.2015 via email - in order to book the right equipment.
      Each competitor takes part in the Competition at his own risk and responsibility.
      The organizer shall cover Liability insurance for mass event - skiing competitions.
      Organizer recommends that participants additionally secured with individual insurance against accidents and had appropriate documentation of insurance (just to show in case of using medical care in Poland).
      Application for participation in the competition is automatically granting consent of the Participant's right to use his image in photographs and films made during IFD FAKRO OLYMPICS GAMES, for the purposes of promotion, marketing and advertising from the part of the main Organizer and accompanying companies of FAKRO Group, as well as the companies cooperating in the implementation of this project, without their approval in each case. The right to use the image also includes the capture, processing, and reproduction of images and videos during competitions for unlimited time. The consent includes the right to use and dispose of photos and videos with the use of the participant's image particularly on Internet and any materials without the spatial and temporal constraints.

    5. Application for Participation.

      In the competition take part participants of the IFD FAKRO Conference. It is obligatory to fill the registration form on the website, which will be active to 30.01.2015 and to pay in pre-payment 175 Euro (730 PLN, 230 USD, 140 GPB) for participation in the Conference (pre-payment to 30.01.2015).
      Money should be transferred to the following bank account:
      1. PL 42 1050 1445 1000 0023 0159 4434 firmy AKTIV sp. z o.o, Złockie 78, 33-370 Muszyna, title of the transfer should be „IFD FAKRO application” or,
      2. using the credit card in the hotel (payment by cash is not possible)
      After the payment, the participant has guaranteed participation in the Competition and Conference at the Activa Hotel between 05-08 February 2015.
      The price includes:
      1. accommodation at Activa Hotel between 05-08 February 2015 in 1- or 2-bed rooms with board
      2. hotel activities (saunas, gym, relaxation room)
      3. participation in the IFD FAKRO WINTER OLYMPICS 2015 competition with starting card allowing trip by cable car to the top of Jaworzyna (skiing competition)
      4. participation in additional attractions of the Conference
      Stay and other services of the hotel outside of above mentioned date and outside of above mentioned points, the participant covers on his own.
      In case of cancellation of participation in the competition - money already paid will not be returned.
      If the participant is delegated to the competition by the company and will want invoice upon payment made on company, he must provide Tax Identification Number and address of the company in the application form.
      The number of the participants taking part in IFD FAKRO WINTER OLYMPICS 2015 is limited to 120 people. Sequence of applications decides about participation in the competition. A list of participants will be published on the website at 




    1. Drawing and Assigning Starting Numbers.

      Starting numbers will be drawn and assigned to the competitors on 05.02.2015 during technical briefing that will take place at Activa Hotel around 9 p.m.


    2. Way of Organising the Competition. 

      The competition will be conducted according to sports regulations of the Polish Skiing Association. Competitors will be classified in 2 categories:
      individual – in each sport discipline with division into to group of men and women, taking into account actual passage time. Additionally, in skiing, men's classification will take into consideration the age conversion rate;
      team - on the basis of scoring reached by individual competitors representing a given country (maximum 5). Disciplines will be given so called weights calculated on the basis of the number of competitors taking part in the competition. The higher the number of participants in the given discipline, the greater weight in relation to other disciplines. Scored points according to assumption in the table below will be calculated by the weight appropriate for the given sport discipline.
      Scoring in this classification is based on the following assumption (Table).

      See the table.


    3. Viewing the trail.

      The route will be accessible for competitors on the competition day between 9.30-10 a.m. Viewing the ski and snowboard trail can be achieved by sliding down or walking up the slope, parallel to the course. Skiing between the obstacles will result in disqualifications.
      Viewers should wear starting numbers.


    4. Announcement of results

      Announcement of results and awarding prizes will take place according to the conference schedule.




    1. Any disputes occurring in the course of the competition and potential protests will be resolved by the Jury consisting of the Competition Manager, Referee, Start Manager and Finish Manager.
    2. The right to interpret these Regulations and modify it have the Competition Jury.
      The organizer does not provide passes to ski lifts and gondola lift apart from starting passes points for those taking part in the competition and during the competition.
    3. The personal data of registered competitors obtained in connection with the application will be processed by the Organizer exclusively for the purpose of organizing and conducting the championship. The administrator of personal data provided by the competitors is FAKRO Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Nowy Sacz, ul. Wegierska 144a. Personal data will be processed with the principles laid down in the act on the protection of personal data Journal of Laws of 2014, No. 1128 with later amendments). Data submission is voluntary and it is necessary to participate in this competition. Contest participants have the right to inspect their data and the ability to correct or demand their removal.
    4. These Regulations are the only valid document defining the rules of the competition. It is available in the Organizer's office at Wegierska 144a, 33-300 Nowy Sacz.



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