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Payment for the participation of 1 person at the Conference of IFD FAKRO – 175€ (730 PLN, 230 USD, 140 GPB). Cost of stay of accompanying person – 175€ (730 PLN, 230 USD, 140 GPB).

Participants and accompanying persons do not bear any other additional costs (concerning participation in activities, competitions, conference) – it applies to stay between 05 – 08/02/2015.

  1. Competitions are held in skiing, snowboard and toboggan.
  2. Sequence of applications decides about participation in the competition.
  3. Stay and additional services of the hotel outside of the above mentioned date the participant covers on his own according to prices binding in the hotel
  4. We advise to buy health insurance.
  5. It is possible to organize free travel by bus from the airport – Kraków – Muszyna – Kraków. Organizer must be informed about the number of people and arrival time no later than to 30/01/2015.
  6. Participants can rent ski and snowboard equipment (for participants) on condition of payment. For this purpose, Organizer shall be notified of such intention no later than to 30/01/2015 - in order to book the right equipment.
  7. Please do not forget to take appropriate sport/skiing winter clothing.

Organizer provides 1 – and 2-bed rooms. In case of changing room for a larger a bed for the children, the Organizer must be informed. Additional payments for the room will realized individually in the hotel. Hotel website:


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